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How to mask a tube

or a picture

This tutorial was created and put online on May 14, 2003, and edited on November 7th , 2005
Please do not copy or place this tutorial or any of the graphics on any site, or send it through email.

Groups can freely link to it.

I don't have the time to assist people with this tutorial, but if you have problems in downloading the supplies needed, please email me.


See other examples below


This tutorial is rated

according to the FBNG's Skill Level Standard


For this tutorial you'll need:

- Paint Shop Pro, get it here

- This zip file containing the mask, the image,the  tube and the frame used here

Remember to save often!

  Let's begin!

If you are using the tube: ( for the image see below)

1) save the  floral mask  you've downloaded  in your Psp/masks folder, save the pink marble frame in your Frames folder, and open the rose fairy tube


2) New  image 400x400, transparent


3) Copy and paste the  tube as a new layer , go to Image/Resize 45%, all layers unchecked (we do this to leave enough room for the mask, but we can adjust it later). Effects/Sharpen


4) Add a new layer, go to Masks/load from disk, and load the floral mask you have saved.

5) Floodfill this layer with white

NOTE: If you don't see anything (sometimes it happens and this is the case of the mask we are using) go to Masks/invert (this isn't always necessary, it depends on the  mask)
6) Go to Selections/from mask , now you'll see your mask selected, go to Masks/ delete and answer yes to the question. Now you still have your mask selected and you can apply a preset you like in your Super Blade Pro ( if you don't have it , just  add an inner bevel)


7) Selections/Deselect, Effectrs/Drop Shadow, I used these settings: Hor and Ver 0, Opacity 80, Blur 2.2, Color #932740. This was my image so far:


8)  Go to the background layer and floodfill it to match the tube and the mask color ( I used #F5CFD5), you can also use a texture, if you want. I used the Texture/Blinds effect with these settings: Width 5, Opacity 200, Horizontal and Light from top left both checked, color #E99745.

9) Go to the tube layer and adjust its size to the mask, make it bigger or smaller, and place it in the middle of the canvas. Add a drop shadow as before, only change Hor and Ver 2.

10) Go to Layers/Merge visible. Use this frame if you like, go to Image/add a frame and apply.

If you are using the image:

1) Open the image, set your background to a medium dark color taken from your image, and go to Image/canvas size and write 450x450

2) Follow  steps 4-7 as above, only change the color of the drop shadow to dark grey

3) Go to the background layer and grab your retouch tool and choose Soften among your tool options. Soften the edges of the image.

4) Merge layers and add a white border. Select it with the magic wand and apply the same preset you've used for the mask


Other examples with a flower tube and a sunset image:


Thanks for trying my tutorial :)

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Tutorial Copyright ędani 2003