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Fireworks Sigtag

This tutorial was created and put online on June 20, 2002.
Please do not copy or place this tutorial or any of the graphics on any site, or send it through email.

Groups can freely link to it.

I don't have the time to assist people in doing this tutorial, but if you have problems in downloading the supplies needed, please, email me.


This is an easy way to make an animated signature to use in your emails or to put on your website. It can also be a nice gift to friends :)

This tutorial is rated

according to the FBNG's Skill Level Standard


For this tutorial you'll need:

- Paint Shop Pro, get it here

- These fireworks preset shapes, save them to your Preset Shapes folder

- This rainbow pattern, save it in your pattern folder:


    Let's begin!

1)  Open an  image, 400 x 200, transparent background, you may need more width if your name is longer then mine

2) Set your foreground to nul, background pattern, find the rainbow pattern, size 10-20 (choose what you like best), angle 0

3) Click on your text tool, choose your font, the size depends on the font, mine is Comic Sans MS, size 48, vector checked, antialias unchecked

4) Center the text moving the small square in the center, then layers merge visible, save this image as fire1.psp

5) On the same image, erase the last letter of your name and save it as fire2.psp

6) Same image, erase another letter and save it as fire3.psp

7) Erase another letter and save as fire4.psp. I had 4 images because there are 4 letters in my name, if your name is longer, continue till you have your initial letter and save it.

8) Open Animation Shop, Animation Wizard - size as the first frame, color transparent, top left corner, fill with the color of the preceding frame, yes, indefinitely, time, leave it as it is because we'll change it later, add images following the opposite order, for example you add fire4.psp first and then fire3.psp, fire2.psp, fire1.psp

9) Highlight the first frame, the one with your initial letter, then click on Animation - insert frame - empty,  the settings are 1 - 1 - 70

10) Highlight  the second frame (always the one with your initial), rightclick and choose 50 in frame properties, then do the same for all the other frames

11) Highlight  the second frame again, then go to File - export frame to PSP, foreground your rainbow pattern, background nul, click on your preset shapes tool, line width 1, choose one of the four fireworks shapes you have downloaded, then right click on the top border of the image, choose Update to Animation Shop, and CLOSE the image

12) Repeat step 11 for all the frames you have (except the first empty one), changing the shape of the firework and its position

13) In Animation Shop highclick your last frame, the one with your full name on it and a firework, choose double, rightclick on the doubled frame, frame properties, set to 70

14) With the last frame highlighted go to File - export to PSP, and draw as many fireworks you want near your name, right click on the top border, and choose update to Animation Shop, close this image

15) In Animation Shop click on View - Animation, if you are satisfied save it as .gif leaving the settings as they are, otherwise you can change the display time of each frame rightclicking on it and choosing frame properties, or you can change the position and shape of your fireworks exporting a frame to PSP. Here is another example:



Thanks for trying my tutorial :)

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Tutorial Copyright ędani 2002